There are so many hidden treasures located in the shops around Fairhope. Local history as well as items imported from around the world. What will you find?
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Apparel & Accessories
Fairhope is a fashionable! There are a wide variety of apparel & accessories for everyone’s style and taste. From elegant and high fashion, to comfy and cool, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for.
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Art Galleries
Fairhope is like a painting itself. Enjoy the finer things in life and get over to one of our many art galleries. You’ll find our local artists are quiet talented with masterpieces ranging from beautiful paintings to amazing sculptures.
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Beauty, Spa & Cosmetics
Need a makeover, massage or a new hairstyle? Fairhope has a variety of venues that will cater to your every need from hair and make-up to massage therapy.
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Books & Printing
Looking for a great book to take home and curl up with? Maybe you need to get copies printed or banners designed? Fairhope can help!
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Gifts & Collectibles
All types of gifts for all kinds of seasons and events. Get locally made items or great name brand gifts for your friends and family, for all ages.
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Jewelry & Accessories
A fabulous selection of beautiful jewelry and accessories from some of the finest jewelers around Fairhope. Everything from fine fashion to casual and costume.
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Outdoor Markets
Enjoy the great outdoors in the fresh air breezing through the market place, the smells of good cooking and fresh produce swirling about. Come to Fairhope and enjoy our farmers markets.
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There are a variety of professional services that are located in Fairhope. See what we have to offer.
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Specialty Stores
Great items, ideas and inspiration for your home and much more! Find the perfect gifts or that special something you’ve been searching for to add to your living room.
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